A delicious rendezvous where the charm and friendliness of your neighbourhood bistro meet the delectable and refined flavours of gastronomy.

Born of the words "bistro" and "gastronomy" in fusion, "bistronomy" offers a harmonious melding of the authentic and comforting cuisine of the bistro with the exquisite and refined preparation of gastronomy. Thus, at the heart of its menu, Bistro V proposes classic bistro dishes which are heightened with refinement and audacity. Select from a menu of re-imagined and colourful dishes, prepared and adapted according to the season, and judiciously paired with wines from a distinctive list composed of approximately 100 carefully selected vintages.

A warm and welcoming place, a savoury accessible menu, attentive and personalized service—all these elements come together to make your outing at Bistro V an experience rich with discovery and pleasure.